Hike to MacRitchie, Singapore

With an awesome team we went to MacRitchie Reservoir today. We met at the opposite to Flame Tree Park bus stop and enter the MacRitchie nature trail from Venus Entrance. Awesome choice by our Nade Gura (leader in the travel team in Sinhala), because we wanted to go to the Tree Top Walk and to the reservoir. We were chatting non stop and had our breakfast, some sandwiches I brought for the breakfast and then strated the hike around 9.30 am.

After around 3 to 4 km walk we reached the Tree Top Walk. You can zoom in the view of the reservoir, the plants and the trees and see their top view. How cool is that. Tree Top Walk is a Sangili Palama (in Sinhala) or a suspension bridge. If you have been to a crazy Suspension Bridge connecting two sides of a river, and crossed it, this Tree Top Walk might not get you excited. But you can see trees and flying little birds and loads of monkeys and good break from urban Singapore life.

There are few huts set up for the visitors to relax and enjoy the view. You can hear the sounds of the birds and water flowing, which are music to your ears. After around 6.5 km walk, we found Ranger’s office, where visitors can use the wash room and fresh water taps are available to drink. This is a safe place to eat as lot of visitors are gathered, but be careful, a monkey might appear all of sudden and steal your food. This happened to us. A monkey stole a piece of cake from a member of our team. We brought our own food and we had a mat to sit and eat. It was a wise idea by Madhawee and Suranga to bring that. If you plan to eat inside the area, you have to bring your own food and a mat, because no food stalls inside the forest. Make sure you do not feed the monkeys, as the video cameras every where around the ranger’s office and the fine for feeding the monkeys is S$50, 000. Feeding the monkeys will disrupt their normal behavior and it is very harmful for them according to the notice.

After the lunch we started hiking again to the reservoir side. We found the viewing tower and went to the top layer of it, which has nice view and a cool breeze. Then started the rain. It went away after few minutes or around an hour, I was not tracking the time. Then we started moving towards the reservoir again and in the middle of it, we found that the area is under construction and closed for visitors. That was a sad thing 😦 . Note that it will be opened again on 30th of April 2017. Then we turned back came came to ranger’s office.

Then started the pouring. We waited in the middle, but then Nade Gura decided to leave in the rain. It was the best part of the hike I must say. In the heavy rain, we walked back. Yes, we got soaked. Around 4.30 pm we came back to the Venus Entrance and said good bye to our friends and left the place. It was a wonderful hike I must say with this awesome people. If you are going to MacRitchie you can wear exercise cloths, wear some sun cream. I brought an extra pair of cloths and changed it to it because I got soaked from the rain and smelled really bad because of the sweat. I don’t mind going there again, after the renovation of the reservoir area and I checked MacRitchie from my to do list in Singapore.


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