New Year’s Eve Fireworks at Marina Bay

I came to Singapore on 3rd of January, last year and everyone was talking about how fabulous the fireworks were, at Marina Bay for the new year’s eve. So it was a priority in my to-do list to go and see the fireworks.

I heard that fireworks are not allowed in public areas in Singapore to continue its peacefulness. So you will not hear any sounds of crackers during any kind of celebration, if you stay inside your apartment.

How did we select a place to watch fireworks

We left home at 10 pm and got down from Raffles Place MRT station and Just followed the crowd, passing Fullerton hotel and some other giant, very sophisticated  buildings.Trying to find our friends. There was a countdown projected to Fullerton hotel and it was decorated with lights. The atmosphere was beautiful and festive. There was a huge crowd as we expected.

20151231_231314 (2)
Countdown at The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

During our walk, we found a green patch near DBS and Standard Charted bank which has a better view of the sky without any obstacles. But we were trying to find our friends, among the thousands of people and ended up stopping in a very crowded area, where DBS bank had decided to put some of their banners. The banners stole our clear view of the fireworks.

A blinking drone was launched to the sky and for me, it was like an aliens’ spacecraft. To be honest it took me a while to figure out what it is. I believe it is used by media to record the show. The fireworks were started exactly at Mid night and it continued for exactly 8 minutes. Sky was filled with colors and people were so happy and cheering.  I have no words to explain the beauty of it.

20160101_000016 (2)
New Year’s Eve Fireworks at Marina Bay, Singapore

Food and Drinks

People have gathered around Marina Bay from the afternoon, to find a place with better view. In the news, some people commented that it is their family tradition to go and see the NYE fireworks with the whole family.You can bring your own food, drinks and a mat, and make it a small picnic. There were some food trucks in the area, catering the crowd. Starbucks was also opened all the night.

How did we return home

Again we just followed the crowd and  kind people were everywhere to guide the crowd to the nearest MRT station. With the help of one kind lady, we managed to walk to Raffles Place MRT station and took our train. The train was not much crowded as I expected, and as I  was warned by my friends.

Where else you can go to see fireworks

During my stay at Singapore, the only places I have seen fireworks are Universal Studios on Saturday night, Wings of Time show at Sentosa and Marina bay area on the day before National Day and NYE. Trust me when I say, all were much better shows than the fireworks I have seen before and Marina Bay NYE fireworks is the best.

I have a dream, a big dream, to watch fireworks from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel one day. I am sure I need to be super rich to do that.

Happy 2016 my dear friends. Make sure you have travelling included in your new year resolution. Have a lovely trip with your lovelies! See you soon.


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Fireworks at Marina Bay

  1. Nice writing & photography! You made me remember the experience at marina bay on day before independence day. As you explained it was an unforgettable experience. keep writing. Awaiting for your next travel log. Next time try to add more photos.

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