Wandering along the Orchard Road on Christmas eve

I am going to start from the last trip we travelled. It was just a few minutes ride to see the Christmas lights. Oh, let me tell you first, we live in Singapore. We stands for, me and my husband. We took a train ride to Orchard on Christmas eve.

Orchard is like the shopping capital of Singapore. If you go to Orchard Road, you can see all the branded cloths, shoes, handbags.. etc shops, big shopping malls and expensive looking hotels. It is one of the tourist attractions in Singapore. As a non-fan of all those branded items (due to my financial status, those were looking so beautiful anyway) this was my first visit to Orchard Road.

According to Wikipedia, lighting up the Orchard Road for Christmas is like a tradition, which is continued from 2003 to announce the start of joyful Christmas.

How did we come to Orchard Road

As I told you, we took the train and alighted from Orchard MRT station. Then there are enough signs to find out the Orchard Road. I wanted to see this beautiful Christmas tree by Swarovski near Ion Orchard mall. So we went there first and snapped some selfies.

Christmas Tree by Swarovski

Our Experience

Then we met two of our friends and just walk along the Orchard Road where the crowd was heading to. There were so many beautiful Christmas trees and road side decorations, events, live music and performances. Bunch of teenagers were selling cool headbands and some hair accessories with colorful lights for charity.

The surrounding was so beautiful, christmassy and heavenly. People were enjoying themselves and snapping selfies. I was bit disappointed for not seeing the Santa anyway.

The place was so crowded, may be because of the Christmas eve. We also managed to check the Ferrero Rocher shop in the street. Well.. I have no idea why Ferrero Rocher chocolates are so expensive there than in a super market.

Food and Drinks

I noticed that the food and canned/bottled soft drinks were over priced in the small road side food stalls. If you are not on a budget, there are many nice restaurants around.

How did we return home

We were just chatting and walking, realized that the roadside decorations are over and saw Dhoby Ghaut MRT. We just got into the train from there.

Where else you can go during Christmas holidays

Christmas light ups and roadside decorations we saw, will be there till 4th of January. You can also go to any shopping mall and walk around to see the beautiful decorations. Honestly I like the decors at Jurong East Malls more.

Jurong East
Christmas decors at Jurong East

I heard from friends that there is a Christmas Wonderland built in Garden by the Bay and it is so beautiful and much better than the Orchard Road. I have a plan to go there also.

Snow city in the Science Center, Jurong East also got a Christmas theme. It is also in my to do list.

Have a lovely trip with your lovelies! See you soon.


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